Nicole Baumgartner watches as her 4-year-old autistic son Russell plays in water pooled on top of a hot tub cover on Dec. 10. Nicole’s sister Tiffany Howard, right, throws a ball to her son Jack, 10, far left, who is also autistic. Nicole’s daughter Evelyn, 2, is also pictured. Water has a calming effect on… Read Article →

The news: Conventional wisdom generally says inhaling any kind of smoke is bad for your lungs, and, to that end, smoking marijuana is just as bad for your health as smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, according to data recently published in the journal Annals of the American Thoracic Society, inhaling one marijuana cigarette a day over 20… Read Article →

Justice Department and Treasury Department Announce New Guidelines Allowing Banks to Work With Marijuana Businesses 20 Dec 2015.Policy Changes Will Protect Public Safety, Honor the Will of the Voters, and Help Small Businesses Statement from the Drug Policy Alliance’s Ethan Nadelmann: White House Appears to be Working in Good Faith with Colorado and Washington’s Efforts… Read Article →

Here’s the bad thing about having ideas. When you have an idea and The Viking gives it the green light (pun intended), you’ve gotta do it. I know little to next to nothing about weed and weed accessories, oils, dabs, vapes, pens, cartridges, hybrids, steam powered, all that stuff. But I had to do it,… Read Article →

Since the legalization of marijuana began in the mid-’90s, the industry of legal pot has exploded. Four states allow recreational purchases of cannabis, with a number of others that either allow for medical sales or have decriminalized small amounts of the drug. Because of that, marijuana industry jobs are more numerous than ever, and tax… Read Article →

One of the most egregious outcomes of marijuana prohibition is that many sick people cannot legally access the medicine that works best for them. For many seriously ill people, medical marijuana is the only medicine that relieves their pain and suffering, or treats symptoms of their medical condition, without debilitating side effects. Marijuana has been… Read Article →

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