The Time For Marijuana Reform Action Is Now Posted by Johnny Green at 6:38 AM on January 21, 2016Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Medical Marijuana Policy   By Kevin Mahmalji, NORML Outreach Coordinator With the Presidential election taking place this November, the majority of us are already being inundated with political propaganda from the political left and… Read Article →

Living with one kidney Summary The kidneys perform many functions that are vital to good health, but it is not unusual to have only one kidney to do the work of two. Many people are born with a single kidney. It is more common in males, and the left kidney is the one more often… Read Article →

This information will help you to understand more about the foods you need to eat and avoid as a kidney patient. Healthy eating should be important in everyone’s life, but sadly not everyone thinks this is so. It is never too late for anyone to make positive changes that benefit health and well being. The… Read Article →

Melissa McCarthy flaunted her 50-pound low-carb diet weight loss at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards in a kimono dress she designed herself. Melissa McCarthy wore a glittery kimono dress she designed herself to the 2016 Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles. McCarthy looked adorable in the figure-flattering metallic dress that spotlighted her 50-pound low-carb diet… Read Article →

By Peg Perl* Today is the sixth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. The electorate has survived three election cycles of being bombarded by advertising funded by almost unlimited amounts of outside group spending in candidate races from local school board to President of the United States,… Read Article →

By Andrew Freedman* Samuel Caldwell was relaxing in Colorado’s Lexington Hotel when federal agents pounded at his door. It was October 2, 1937, and Caldwell would become the first American arrested for selling marijuana. Seventy-seven years later, a few miles away from the old Lexington hotel, Iraq War veteran Sean Azzariti became the first person… Read Article →

POLITICS     JANUARY 20, 2016 Marijuana legalization has finally arrived in Texas, but the state isn’t ready for it. State officials say it won’t be until after 2016 before the first dispensaries will be authorized to sell cannabis products. Last June, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a marijuana legalization law creating the Compassionate Use Program, with… Read Article →

Chicago chef, Mindy Segal, hopes to start distributing her cannabis edibles this February. Award winning chef, Mindy Segal, is pushing the boundaries when it comes to marijuana edibles. Segal’s Chicago based restaurant, Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, and her cookbook “Cookie Love” have both been very successful, and she hopes to carry this success into her cannabis… Read Article →

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